Azure SQL

A family of cloud-based SQL databases that provide flexible options for migration, modernization, and application development.
Get a consistent single environment across your entire SQL portfolio and a full range of deployment options — from the edge to the cloud.
Azure SQL Database Intelligent Secure Services
makes it easy to:
  • Migrate SQL workloads from SQL Server to Azure VMs;
  • modernize existing applications using SQL Azure Managed Instance;
  • provide support for modern cloud applications using Azure SQL Database;
  • to use the already existing skills of working with SQL in the cloud with the same SQL Server core;
  • Get the ability to run your apps on edge gateways and IoT devices with SQL Azure for Edge Computing.
  • Continue to get the most out of your investment in your current licenses.
  • Run Azure SQL in on-premises and multi-cloud environments Azure Arc-enabled data services.
  • Learn how to save time and money when migrating.
Azure SQL Database Services Overview
Easily migrate SQL workloads to Azure while maintaining full SQL Server compatibility and operating system-level access.
Modernize existing SQL Server applications at scale with a fully managed intelligent service.
Support modern cloud applications with a fully managed intelligent service that includes serverless computing.
Get the ability to run your apps on edge gateways and IoT devices for real-time insight in connected, disconnected, or hybrid environments.

Full controllability and always up to date

Do more innovation than patching, updating and backing up databases.

Azure is the only cloud with always-on SQL that automatically applies the latest updates and patches to keep your databases up-to-date and avoid end of support issues.

Even complex tasks such as performance tuning, high availability,
disaster recovery, and backups, are automated.

Therefore, you can focus on applications.

Leverage your existing SQL skills in the cloud

SQL Azure is built on the SQL Server technology you already know.

Therefore, when you implement it, you do not have to re-learn SQL. You can develop an application once using your existing SQL skills and deploy it to any Azure SQL cloud database on the Azure platform.

In addition, Azure is the only cloud with a consistent SQL code base that spans both the edge, and the cloud.

Savings with lowest total cost of ownership
Get the industry's best pricing and maximum return on your on-premises investment when migrating your SQL Server databases to Azure:
  • Save up to 85% over pay-as-you-go by migrating your existing SQL Server licenses to Azure using the Azure Hybrid Benefit;
  • Get more cloud resources at a lower cost by combining the Azure Hybrid Benefit with reservation pricing;
SQL Azure Pricing/Performance
When used with SQL workloads, Azure solutions are 3.6x faster and 86% more cost effective than AWS.
Azure SQL Database and AWS RDS
Move to Azure SQL Database and get a better price / performance ratio than other cloud providers. Azure SQL Database meets the requirements of mission-critical workloads. Its usage costs are 86% lower than competitive offerings.
SQL Server on Azure VMs and AWS EC2
Start using SQL Server in Azure VMs and get better performance and better value for money than other cloud providers. Azure SQL VMs meet the requirements of mission-critical workloads, run 3.6x faster and cost 84% less than a comparable offering from Amazon Web Services.
Protect your investment with built-in smart
  • Enable change control cryptographic validation for centralized data stores from the database using the SQL Database registry.
    No data transfer or application changes are required.
  • Eliminate potential threats in real time with intelligent threat defenses and proactive vulnerability assessment alerts.
  • Get the industry’s best multi-layered security with built-in security controls, including network security, encryption, access control, and key controls.
  • Take advantage of the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any cloud database service available.
  • Continuous protection and detailed insights with the Azure Security Center.