Commvault Metallic is available in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)


We have great news from Commvault!
Commvault Metallic is available in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in all commercial OCI regions.

Metallic and OCI will deliver superior price performance, built-in enhanced security, and simplified recovery and management for enterprise customers.

Customers can now protect critical data assets in the cloud or on-premises by maintaining flexibility across customer-managed storage or a SaaS-delivered data protection service, including managed cloud storage.

In the fight against ransomware and cyberattacks, Metallic helps protect data from corruption, unauthorized access, and other threats across vital business sectors. With Metallic, customers can easily back up their digital footprint in any consumption model, from cloud-native to on-premises workloads, including databases, virtual machines, Kubernetes, and file and object storage.

This proposition will interest customers looking for data mobility, agility, and security who want to evolve their data management capabilities.